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January 2020
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October 2019

Dynamic simulation for the Nuclear Industry

Training simulators from basic principles to replica full scope, Engineering simulation platforms, Operator training

下载什么app可以买福利彩票corys has a long and distinguished history in the nuclear simulation industry, and has a reputation for superior customer service, innovation and state of the art simulation tools.

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Most experienced

下载什么app可以买福利彩票with 190 new power plant simulators delivered over the last 28 years, corys brings to its customers a wealth of experience. corys is contracted to maintain more than 80 nuclear plant full scope simulators in the u.s and france, and has provided more major nuclear simulator upgrades to full scope simulators than all vendors combined.


Strongest engineering staff

state of the art technology, the most experience, the strongest engineering staff, and relentless customer focus are the reasons that corys has become the largest and most successful simulator company in the nuclear simulation industry.